Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Needed: GPS for the Big Journey

Life brings change…change we want…change we didn’t know we wanted…change that looking back continues to feel like a puzzle piece lost with the dust bunnies under a bed. The hard part for me is stepping forward into the path of change whether it was my idea or not. I want a preview synopsis (only with stories of unbridled happiness). I crave the comfort knowing the path ahead will be ok.

Questions have filled my mind…how will our family function without Miss Marian, who will take the optimistic lead in the family without my father-in-law, where will the money come from to pay for two boys in a world of our dwindling pay checks, how do I take care of myself and my family after surgery, the void of a friend moving away leaving a cavernous empty cubicle where there once was a kind face.

Can I bundle these quandaries into a ballooning Google request, hoping for a snap-of-the-finger solution? Thinking about inevitable changes all at once makes me long for a rainy Saturday afternoon where my family is still in their pajamas at 2:30 p.m. deciding to whip up some pancakes. In those moments, in our house, uniformed in the coziest of clothes, these changes seem almost doable or even bordering on natural.


Anonymous said...

So well said. If only we could get a sneak peek or the reassurance that 'everything will be okay'. The nice part is - we are all in it together.

steinstew@gmail.com said...